The Law Breakers

You have one hour to clear the only evidence against you and avoid the prison

You escaped from the police station.

You have just managed to escape from the police station with all the money.

For now you are free but you need to clear your tracks to get rid of all the evidence against you. Your partner tried to retrieve it while you were locked up, but he's gone missing.

Only 60 minutes left to find the evidence against you.

There is still one piece of evidence that can incriminate you: a surveillance photo that connects you to the crime scene. The photo is locked up in the prosecutor’s offce.

Your freedom depends on your ability to locate this photo and remove it from the office before the hour is up. There is no time to waste!

Are you able to find the evidence before the time runs out?

But it's not as easy at it sounds. Prepare to use all your mental faculties. Be quiet, be attentive, be creative, and think outside the box because nothing is as it seems.

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