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An escape room is a fun, challenging, live, and interactive puzzle game. You are locked in a room designed with specific clues that will lead you to the objectives to win the game!
All you need to know is that it’s a team sport designed to strengthen your friendships and family ties. We cater to all age groups and nationalities. Our main goal is to provide an hour of fun activities for you and your group to do! You will have an hour to solve a sequence of puzzles and brainteasers and can only rely on your wits and attention to detail.
We have a strict no-refund policy at the No Escape Room. You can re-schedule your booking for up to 72 hours from your reservation.
We are located at 1501 W Dundee rd. #103, Buffalo Grove, IL. We are on Plaza Verde next to Astoria Banquet Hall and behind Burger King, right inside the Professional Building.
Please come 10 minutes before your session.
You still need to make a reservation online to play. You can check our availability and book same day appointments if they are available!
Each session is designed to be 60 minutes long. If you work well as a team, you may just set a new record!
Not everyone escapes the room and that’s O’K! The No Escape Room is not easy. The room is designed to be challenging and fun at the same time. That means that while you and your team work hard, you still have tons of fun together!
No, it’s not scary and nothing will jump out at you. This is not a haunted house after all, but an intellectual experience in an awesome environment.
Our room is designed for kids age 10 to their great grandparents. We do require adult supervision for players under the age of 16.
Absolutely! Remember, we only allow up to 10 people in the room at once. If your reservation is for less than 10 people, you can bring more friends and family with you! (They can pay at the door).
Our room is designed for groups of 2 to 10 people.
We have done many corporate bonding and team bonding events in the past and would love to do one for you as well! Call us at  847-722-2543   to arrange your session.
Absolutely! We love celebrations! Reach out to us before your game to discuss your options. We can hide a gift in the room among one of the clues or put a note in one of the hidden places of the room. We will even sing the birthday song with you! Give us a  Email Us  or  847-722-2543   for more details.
There are plenty of parking spaces outside the building. Park in front of the "Professional Building" at 1501 w Dundee Rd.
Nothing! All you need are your brains, so make sure to take those with you. Everything you need for the game will be provided to you when you check in.
No, we focus only on the escape! We have many options available for you after the game if you want to celebrate your win or just continue the party elsewhere! Ask us about discounts to the No Escape Room customers to nearby restaurants and bars.

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