The Police Station

Escape from the police station by solving the puzzles and taking the money

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Moderate

You were arrested for a crime you did not commit

Is it possible that Sam framed you? It's hard to imagine that someone you have known your entire life and considered the best friend could do this. It… just doesn't make any sense.

What is this room? Where is everyone?
And why is the money still on the table?

Can you find your way out before the time runs out?

No! There has to be an explanation to all of this. Wait… what is this? That looks like someone was trying to leave you a message… a hint maybe? Yeah, that definitely looks like a clue someone was trying to leave just for you. But what does it mean? Will it help you escape?

You have to solve the riddle to find the secret way out. There is not much time, you have to act fast.

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The Law Breakers

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