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Depths Of Osiris (VR)

Dive deep below the ocean surface with your team of explorers to uncover an ancient temple. In it you will find beautiful sealife, treasures, and a few more things that aren’t quite as pleasant!

As the placid undersea world begins to turn on you, will you be able to escape?

Welcome to deep-sea platform Oceanus 5. Our team of deep sea archaeologists have been stumped for months after the discovering the lost temple of Osiris.

This is why we have called in you and your team of specialists to help us gain access to the temple and retrieve the rumoured artifact inside.

You have limited oxygen, the gauge on your right wrist lets you know how much time you have left.

If you need help during your expedition you can contact the surface support vessel twice before the end. Good luck aquanauts, and godspeed.

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